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Education Modules

Four modules were designed in 2020 to address the themes of 21st century skills, school coexistence, sustainable development, and diversity in the classroom. The modules were developed by four experts, one from each area, and each expert provides an explanatory video and complementary material in this section, including suggested resources and a recommended bibliography on each topic.

Education module: Diversity in the Classroom

Sociologist Lorena Ortega, diversity expert, covers this module on the basis of two main issues: inclusive education and gender equality in education. She uses definitions and guidelines that allow reflections to be made on these topics and discusses ways to reduce existing gender gaps in education in the classroom.

Education module: School Coexistence

Psychologist Verónica López addresses the issue of school coexistence in the classroom and how it has been addressed in Latin America and the Caribbean. She provides suggestions and resources to support the work of teachers in the classroom.

Education module: 21st Century Skills

Social Anthropologist Liliana Morawietz reflects on the importance of education based on 21st century skills and digital citizenship. She provides distinct definitions and classifications as well as resources for working on these issues at school and in the classroom.

Education module: Sustainable Development

This module is led by the psychologist Valeria Cabello, who discusses the definition of sustainable development in line with UNESCO’s Agenda 2030. She also provides suggestions for activities with which to work on education for sustainable development at school and in the classroom.